A name is one of the most powerful things in business. Without a proper name, companies cannot brand themselves and grow into a success story properly. In today’s market, it’s all about trust. The numbers show that consumers respond to brands. They further explained that a whopping 77% of all customers would buy one product over another just because of the brand. To meet this need, many people spend hours upon hours deciding on a good and creative name for the said business. To bridge that gap, some platforms act as free company name generators.

Getting a good company name is a strong strategic move. Although some people prefer just naming the business after themselves, it lacks creativity and also a sense of style. Naming your company should not be seen as a job. It should be looked at as an opportunity to give your company a good name and also as an opportunity to market yourself in the right ways and make a real difference. A name generator for companies simply put is a tool used by people looking for business names to gain some direction and get some creative juices flowing. The generators aren’t necessarily responsible for giving your ideas. Instead, their primary role is to help you get good ideas which can then be converted into a real-life company name or even a domain name.

Today, we have several online name generators available for free. These are some of the best and also go a long way in helping you create a brand that is unique and likable to most people. Here are some of the best name generators available online and for free today;

Cool name ideas

As its name suggests, it’s a tool that’s used mainly to look for available domains for blogs, businesses, and products. You are simply asked to input the relevant keywords and check for availability. Once this is done, the system then goes forward to check the available names for domain availability so that your domain name and business name can be natural and with a nice, clear flow. Once you know your keywords and do a search on that, the system will return a list of possible combinations starting with the shortest one first. The user can then tune more advanced options to check on the various extensions available for the public.


Brandings is one of the biggest tools anyone interested in branding must look into. Given that they have been available in the market space for a bit, they have a slightly more organized house. First, this company has a list of industries, sports, hobbies, fun names, scientific names, garden names among many others. The way the interface is designed, it makes the problem that much easier to compound because once you know which category you want to work on, all you have to do now is now zero in on the subcategories and then work your way up from there. The website then goes on to assist you by aiding you to see what it will cost to register the name and even shows you reasons why the name you have chosen will do well in the future. With this tool in hand, you can be able to create excellent business names that reflect your level of creativity as well as give you opportunities to market yourself well.


Apart from being an excellent platform for starting your e-commerce business, Shopify also has an inbuilt enterprise name generator that is meant to help you figure out what you’ll call your business, blog or website. Apart from that, you can also use these suggestions to check for ideas that fit into the type of brand you are trying to build. We know that the creative process can be a huge problem, especially so when you seem not to have an inkling of a good name for your business. With all the suggestions that pop up on the screen, you can pick your favorites and go from there.


When it comes to finding an identity for your business or website, brandroot is one of the best in the space. They have more than 50 categories for people to choose from. Apart from that, you get trending names, random names and also get to perform a search of your choice using keywords you think are appropriate. Here, you’ll have the option to filter by elements such as price and so forth. For instance, a client is then given options which have been categorized in terms of how much someone is willing to spend on the name. Most of the time, options that will require to pay a little more money turn out to be pretty significant; this is not to mean that the low-cost options are not as good.

The thing about this website is that it also provides a potential logo and font for every suggestion. All to help attain something new without the stress and inconvenience that comes with the creative process.


Names4brands is yet another powerful tool in the free business generator industry. This platform helps you to find the name for your next company by giving you several options to choose from. They suggest that two is usually the ideal number but doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the perfect number. This system provides you with a choice of 18 languages to choose from. You are given a chance to pick which letter these names should start with, see randomized names and even check for their availability. Using the results you get here, you can then decide on the name of the business.


Customers love it when a business has a beautiful name. A good name is the base of a great brand that is identifiable with many people and also one that will stick onto people’s minds. When you get a good name for your website, blog or business, you can then start working on a proper model to market yourself aggressively on the many platforms available right now. Although getting that perfect name might mean that you’ll spend your time and money on the same. However, the result will speak volumes.