Sometimes there is that rent money that you cannot raise on time or that party that you have been invited to, and you are broke. You can make quick cash via the internet.

  • You can start a blog and sell digital content. This platform is automated; it does not require employees.
  • If your toddler is all grown up, then he or she has probably outgrown his or her toys, shoes and clothes. These things can go real in money if sold online.
  • Courtesy of impulse buying overtime you may realize that there are some things in the house that you do not use. These things can be sold online.
  • Movies or digital content on CDs and DVDs that you no longer watch can be sold online Books that you never read can also earn you some coins.
  • If there was a need for an upgrade and you got a new phone the old one can be repaired and sold on Amazon.
  • Gaining extra pounds or slimming or getting tall can render some clothes unfit these you can sell.
  • Photography is a business; imagine taking photos taken in exchange for money.
  • Some companies carry out surveys on their brands and pay people for their perspectives
  • Talent can bring you money if you sell your craft.
  • If collecting autographs or old cards is your hobby this can bring in income.
  • That coupon on buying stuff in markets that you stock up can be sold.
  • Surveys are diverse not only companies carry them out. Surveys can be conducted on how to improve lifestyle, get money online or how to help the elderly.
  • You can mow the neighbor’s lawn.
  • You can offer babysitting services to your friends.
  • Help understaffed schools in teaching or tutoring kids.
  • You can write articles and sell them to bloggers.
  • You and your kids can bake and sell to your neighbors.
  • You can get paid for house cleaning services.
  • Pool cleaning
  • Walking the neighbor’s dog for money.
  • Start a course that you can teach your talent.
  • You can pick up free things and resell them.
  • You can sell artwork around the house.
  • You can sell your coin collection
  • Christmas decorations you do not use can be sold.
  • You can sell musical instruments around the house.
  • Purchasable outside furniture can be sold.
  • You can sell accessories you do not use.
  • You can return past purchases in exchange for money.
  • You can recycle scrap metal, stove, fridge or car.
  • You can recycle your glasses and cans
  • You can sell gifts you do not like or use.
  • You can wash cars for money.
  • You can use your car as a taxi and drive friends around or deliver groceries to people who are bedridden.
  • You can sell your skills on Fiverr, Upwork or Elance.
  • Resell a domain name or create a website and then sell it.
  • You can be an exercise buddy to a person trying to develop an exercise routine.
  • You can shovel sand for construction sites
  • Helping people move in or out by advertising your services on social media and to friends.
  • Collect debts.
  • Make a bet on your favorite games.
  • Sell kitchen gadgets that do same work as others or that you do not use regularly.
  • Sell you overgrown toddler’s video games or gaming systems.
  • Sell tools stocked in the garage.
  • Sell sports equipment that your children are not using.
  • Sell backpacks that are no longer in use.
  • Sell baby gears that are not in use
  • Get an advance from your boss.
  • Do street performance for money in appropriate locations.

With all these amazing ideas, it is your time to pick your favorite one and create your own online store, keep reading because we will tell explain you how to do that.

How to Start an Online Store

Online Store

An online store enlarges your customer outreach enabling you to conduct your business rent free. Although online stores have these advantages you have to put in as much effort into it as an offline business. There are steps to setting up an online store. Lack of technical know-how can deter one from setting up an online store thus a step to step instructional procedure to set up.

There are three things you require to set up an online store, you require internet access.

  • An idea of a domain name

A domain name is your web site address on the internet. Mostly like your home address, what people write on letters so that it reaches you. In this instance a domain name is what people type on the internet to get your store. For example, is a domain name.

Search a domain registration company and type in a domain name that is unique, catchy and easy to remember. If the domain name you have thought of is taken you can put in spelt out numbers instead of letters. Domain registration companies give suggestions close to the name suggested. There are sites like bluehost that register domain names for free.

  • A web site host (web hosting)

You will require a web hosting sites that allows expansion of your business as web hosting is the backbone of your online store. There are sites that offer free web hosting like Bluehost. Once you open blue host in a new window;

  1. Click get started
  2. Set up your plan
  3. Enter domain name
  4. Type your account details and some extras you can purchase.
  5. You will receive email containing instructions on how to login to your web hosting control panel (Cpanel)
  6. Once in cpanel, a popup notification will appear notifying you that WordPress with woocommerce is pre-installed on your website. This marks the setup of web hosting and domain.
  • Time to set up

After setting up the domain name and the website, Bluehost will send a welcome message and will guide you through set up. Things like currency, measurement units, and your business location are some of the information you will be required to fill in. An SSL certificate will be required as it adds an extra layer of security to your website’s sensitive information like credit card number.

  • Setup WordPress site

A welcome message asking you for the kind of website you want to set up will appear, click ‘I don’t need help’ link.

  • Go to settings>general at WordPress admin dashboard to set up title and description (tagline)
  • Configure SSL certificate from HTTP to HTTPS at WordPress address and sit address
  • Save
  • Online store setup

Currency, payment and shipping information are required.

  • Click ‘run setup wizard on ‘welcome to woocommerce’ notification on the WordPress page.
  • Click ‘let’s go.’
  • Click continue to automatically create pages for cart, account, shipping and check out.
  • Fill in location, currency, and unit of measurement to use.
  • Click continue.
  • Shipping information checkboxes are checked if goods are not digital.
  • Woocommerce helps calculate and add taxes to your prices, if not sure you can fill in later.
  • You require choosing payment method preferably stripe or PayPal standard where you leave PayPal email address details.
  • Click continue
  • Adding New products

  • Go to products>add new
  • Give a title description of your product
  • Give product data
  • Provide a short description
  • Give image and product gallery
  • Click Publish
  • Themes

Themes can either be free or paid. To customize appearance, go to appearance>customize. If you want to apply already available themes go to appearance>themes

  • Word press plugins

Word press plugins apps allow you to add more features to your website.


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