Email marketing is a powerful strategy for acquiring customers and keep them coming back. The problem is, many entrepreneurs don’t know email campaigns are worth trying and focusing on.

There are many benefits related to email marketing – earning more sales, generating higher ROI (Return on Investment), and more. According to one research, 84% of marketers believe that email is also important for increasing customer loyalty.

In this article, we will discuss proven email campaigns every online store owner should try.

How to Win New Customers and Keep the Old Ones

Email encourages repeat purchases and makes your online business less dependant on an unreliable flow of purchasers. In other words, email marketing helps you build your business and get customers who are interested in your product and spend more money.

Such strategies have the potential to provide long-lasting value to your ecommerce store.

There are 5 email strategies that every seller can benefit from adopting.

1.Welcome Email

A welcome email is a very first email someone receives when joining your mailing list. According to one research, welcome emails have an open rate of 45% vs promotion emails’ rate of 18%. Customers are paying attention to these messages, so it is the perfect opportunity to introduce your business.

There are a few possible ways to set up welcome emails – by welcoming new subscribers, giving users an incentive to buy, setting the right expectations, and communicating with subscribers on various. channels.

Your first email should welcome new subscribers, introduce your products and your brand. Start with a short story of your brand, what you offer, how you are different, and how can you help your shoppers.

Here is one example:

The idea of setting experiences and expectations goes hand in hand with welcoming subscribers to your store. You want them to feel excited about these emails, so tell them what is new and what you will be sending – cool videos, helpful content, promo codes, and more. 10 Best Online Store Builders

2.New Customer Emails

The email you send to your first-time purchaser is essential. You have a chance to establish a relationship with shoppers that lead to brand improvement and product loyalty.

First-time customers trust you enough to purchase something, but if they had a bad shopping experience, they are afraid you might be just another store that fails to deliver.

Start with a welcome email. Welcome your new subscribers to your family and explain what is next. This is an opportunity to suggest related products.

After 2-3 days later, send a check-in email. Online purchasers are used to being ignored by business owners during this process. Another chance for you to stand out by asking them if they need anything.

Next is the product arrival email. This is an email informing customers that their items have arrived. This email shows you are professional in providing support.

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Did you know that over 80% of online shopping carts are abandoned? Sadly, that is a lot of money left on the table from potential purchasers who were interested to add a product to their cart.

Even though Business Insider estimates online sellers will lose $4 trillion to shopping cart abandonment, it also estimates that the hard-working ones can recover 63% of the lost revenue.

This is why it is important to have a shopping cart abandonment strategy. In order to increase effectiveness, take this campaign further than a reminder email. There are other things you can do as well.

One thing is the abandoned cart email series. This strategy is based on time. When you send your emails is very important. There is no precise formula, however, we recommend you to send the first email 24 hours later, the second 24 later, and the third 72 hours later.

Sometimes, extra adjustments need to be made. Look at when conversion starts to drop to know when can you make your next move. Don’t be afraid to send more emails, especially if you are noticing that the conversion rates are growing.

Most businesses distribute promo codes and discounts after a shopping cart abandoned. Some will abandon to see if they will get a discount. Our advice is to use the first email to remind your purchasers that they have left something in their shopping cart. You can show them a photo of the product.

Here is one example:

This is how a cart abandonment email should look like.

  1. Email Nurture Strategy

Email campaigns are great for lead nurturing. This is when you guide customers through each sales’ stage.

According to one research – 3% of the visitors are ready to purchase, 47% of the visitors aren’t ready to purchase now but later in the future, and 50% of the visitors will never purchase.

Instead of boring people with promotions and offers every week, think about how you can add value to your offer.

While you can add products in your emails, don’t make that the center of attention. Focus on your content.

Teach your subscribers something about your products. For almost any product, there are a lot of topics to write about. Come up with interesting topics that would attract customers’ attention.

You can use your welcome email as an introduction to your brand and with the nurture email, you can expand your business story.

Create a series of emails that tell the story of your business and why you are different. Share your brand’s mission and how will you make a positive impact on the world.

  1. Ecommerce Email Receipts

Email receipts are a goldmine of revenue. They are the perfect strategy to make an offer and motivate your customers to take actions.

Creating and optimizing your email receipt is pretty simple. Take your email receipt where information like a transaction number, shipping details, and payment information are included and add the extra – product recommendations, link to your social media pages, and post about how they can’t wait to see the product.

Create Your Email Campaign and Watch Your Online Store Growing

Now that you are familiar with these five email campaigns, make your way and set up your strategy.


Once you start, collect the information and see you can improve your strategies for even better results.